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March 9, 2015Tags: Bound, Dominated, gagged, helpless, restrained

Mia arrives fresh and ready to go. We make final adjustments to the devices, and then strap her ass in. Today is going to be her reckoning, and it will come in the form of extraordinary suffering. First we have her bent over so that her wench holes can be utilized to their potential. Her nipples get the nasty treatment before her vagina is commanded to cum.Next we put her body on display, front side up and her limbs shackled to the table. Suction is used to torment and make her bits extremely sensitive. Her slit is stuffed full of a huge vibrator, a vibe pressing hard against her helpless clitoris, and locked into place to ensure this woman will orgasm as long as we see fit.In the final scene we have our helpless bondage whore folded in half. Her feet and love tunnel are exposed and will be punished. This babe is blindfolded and the torture begins. This time this woman can’t see it coming, so the anticipation is her worst enemy.asdasdVisit Device Bondage to get more