Afraid of the Dark

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April 3, 2015Tags: Bound, Dominated, gagged, helpless, restrained

We begin with Roxanne balancing on her knees with her arms stretched out. Her lingerie are ripped away and then her body is abased. Pegs are added to her nipps then flogged off, and the process is repeated to ensure ultimate suffering. Next she is in a doggie style suspension. Again this little bitch is terrorized before being fucked and made to cum. As soon as I put my hands on this little floozy I realized that her slit drips when you show her any attention at all. In the final position we have her in a spread eagle on the floor and we find out that this babe is terrified of being blindfolded. i see a weakness and i jump right in to mind fuck this little wench as hard as I can. This woman begs and pleads to stop, but her vagina gets wetter with every passing second of her begging.asdasdVisit Device Bondage to get more