There’s Nothing Better Than Being Your Bitch: Helena Locke & Jay West

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December 20, 2019Tags: Ass, BDSM, Feet, FemDom, Latex, Rubber, Shoes

Caged with a myriad of clothespins on his balls, Jay Wimp awaits the beautiful Domina Helena Locke. Domina Helena enters, clad in shiny tight red latex and thigh high boots. She’s heard Jay is tough and is willing to put him to the test. This woman bites his knob and zaps him all over his body, paying extra attention to his weenie and balls. Jay yelps and squirms like the pathetic worm he is, unable to escape his Domina’s reach. Helena clamps Jay’s nipples and continues tormenting him with a crop and teasing him with her consummate butt. Too bad Jay is too pathetic to even fuck. Instead he’ll take the pain all dudes deserve. Helena removes the clothespins on his balls one by one, leaving Jay’s sensitive dick exposed to more zaps. Next Jay is bound with rubber bands around his thighs and feet. His legs are bound open and his booty is exposed. Helena spits all over his face before scratching and cropping his sensitive teats. She punches his nuts hard and canes his dick, thighs, and feet. Jay begs for more and screams as his Domina leaves lovely red marks along his thighs. Helena commands him to watch as this babe canes him and stretches the rubber bands to the limit. This hottie has Jay tell her when to release the bands to prove how tough this chap is and makes him watch them snap back against his skin. Jay screams as the bands hit his sensitive flesh. Then Helena slides her dong into this sorry loser’s booty. Jay moans as Helena works the cock in and out of his hole. He is her slut today and this sweetheart makes him repeat it out loud over and over as this chick stretches his dong and balls and continues to snap the bands around his thighs. Finally, Jay is blindfolded and bound on his back. Helena continues to zap him before sinking down onto his face. This honey squeezes him between her throbbing thighs. She torments his sensitive dong and refuses to let him cum. All his cries are turning her on, and soon she cums on his face. When Jay begs to cum, Helena is disgusted. This hottie punches his nuts repeatedly, ruining his orgasm. This hottie empties the candles in her dungeon all over his weenie and balls, covering them entirely in wax as Jay screams. Then she beats the wax off with a crop and cane. Jay couldn’t be happier in his new life as Domina Helena’s slut. asdasdVisit Divine Bitches to get more