Golden-haired Wench Arielle Aquinas Butt Fucked and Abased like a Punching Bag

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December 23, 2019Tags: Anal, Ass, BDSM, Bizarre, Blowjob, Bondage, Squirting

Seemingly innocent sex kittens like platinum golden-haired Arielle Aquinas don’t come along very often. This sweetheart is the type of pain wench that can only feel sexual pleasure when restrained with inescapable rope bondage and humiliated with extreme and brutal impact play. She wastes no time and begs for her dom Tommy Pistol to string her up like a side of beef and and use her as his erotic punching bag. With a sextoy pinned between her legs, Tommy begins to beat every inch of her pale and fragile skin with closed fits. The pain is exquisite and heighten our little female sex slave’s erotic bliss. Glistening with sweat, Arielle is tossed to the floor like a used piece of gym equipment, and is quickly restrained in delicate bondage. She’s then facially abused with a rough blowjob that makes her gag and drool all over Tommy’s knob. As it jams in and out of her mouth, the throat fucking leaks spit down her perky miniature breast and pools near her small slit. Her welted and sore ass shakes and jiggles as this sweetheart is made to gag on Tommy’s dong. Arielle is so overwhelmed by the intensity of the brutal session that this babe squirts all over herself and begs to cum multiple and repeated orgasms. Her evil taskmaster relishes in the pain of her orgasm denial. She is then tied to a couch with her big round ass perched in the air. After this chick receives more intense impact play at the wrong end of a heavy leather flogger, Tommy shoves his penis into her delicate little dark hole. This stud then recklessly fucks her until this hottie is screaming and howling for mercy, but also begging for an even harder fucking. Tommy is only too happy to oblige. He Arielle onto her back and begins to fuck her until she’s begging to eat his cum. He blows cum all over her humiliated love tunnel and makes her lick it clean. The last thing we hear from her pouty and exhausted lips is, “I love it.” asdasdVisit Brutal Sessions to get more