Bring Your Squirting Step-Daughter to Work Day

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December 25, 2019Tags: 18+ teens, Anal, Ass, BDSM, Big tits, MILF, Sex toys, Slave, Spanking, Squirting

Girl Allwood is a sexy blond MILF determined to teach her legal age teenager stepdaughter how to work hard and bring home a paycheck. She brings her petite little ditz of a daughter in to work at her office for dominant Mr. Rob Piper. Cutie has been serving Rob Piper on the side as a voracious submission floozy for years and promises him that having Zoe working as an intern for the summer won’t reduce office productivity or Rob’s access to her gorgeous butt. Girl is wrong on one count: Zoe is ultimately hapless, and within the first Thirty minutes in the office has misplaced papers, spilled coffee on the reports, and treated Mr. Piper with great disrespect. Gal places Zoe on filing duty and marches back into Rob’s office to convince him to give Zoe one last chance by offering to take punishments for her stepdaughter’s misdeeds. There is a lot to pay for, and Cutie finds her big pantoons clamped tightly and her butt in the air for a severe and brutal paddling. With her moist ass red with welts, Girl begs to serve Rob’s ramrod, but he isn’t done yet, cropping, flogging and spanking her until this woman cums rubbing her own wet crack like a slut. Thrown on her knees, she sucks his huge weenie lustfully and offers her oozy cunt for a deep fucking on his desk. Orgasming with his ramrod in her tight pussy isn’t enough for Rob, so this guy handcuffs her ankles and wrists together in a helpless doggy position so this dude can take his time ravaging her booty with a torture anal fucking. Electro zapped, and made to cum; Angel grovels and begs to orgasm with his knob deep in her booty. After all that punishment, Cutie walks into reception to discover Zoe lazily sifting through files with the phone off the hook and the office a mess. Fed up, Gal hauls her ungrateful daughter around the office, spanking her booty pink and making her clean up her mess for once. Zoe is placed face down in her paperwork and has her ass beaten until she cums promising to be a good girl. That isn’t enough for Rob, and when this stud finds them, this guy throws her on the waiting room couch and flogs her small melons while Gal copulates her with a giant vibrator. Zoe is an impatient little floozy, and cums without permission, prompting suction cup torture on her teats and clitoris. With her mouth stuffed full of dick and a sextoy pressed on her engorged and punished clitoris. Zoe orgasms and screams thank you to her mother. Zoe isn’t out of the woods yet and endures further humiliation and training at the hands of Angel while Rob waits to see if this babe deserves a load on her face and a second chance. Zoe gets her Mommy off with an expert cookie licking, and squirts all over the floor, but fails to earn Rob’s respect and must wait on the ground, begging like a dog while Gal gets all the penis and eventually shares some hot cum with her undeserving stepdaughter. asdasdVisit Families Tied to get more