Petite Floozy Molly Saint Rose Fucked and Abused in Public Plaza!!

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December 30, 2019Tags: Ass, BDSM, Clothes, Feet, FemDom, Public Nudity, Slave, Spanking

It is a rare day when a honey who is so perfectly suited for rigors of Public Disgrace like Molly Saint Rose graces with her talents. So few people are truly crazy to serve and be humiliated as female sex serf. Molly starts her day off in a charming public plaza being led around on a leash by her mistress. She gets tossed around like a rag doll and as she bends over so a crowd of people can gawk and stare at the sight of her teeny cut off jeans. The corners of her pink pussy peek out the sides of the shorts and this woman blushes from embarrassment of exposing herself in public. A guy approaches the two pretty hottie and asks if he can help humiliate molly. He crams a gag into her mouth and ashes his cigarette all over her face. Next they drag her like a dog in heat to subway entrance so they can carve this floozy up like a sexual feast. They tear off her tight shorts and spank her perfect butt. As this hottie gets repeatedly caned the juices from her hungry slit start dripping down her legs with unabashed desire. Another strange guy walks by and shoves his giant knob down her throat. Molly can barely speak English but she manages to spit out a garbled “thank you” as this woman chokes on knob. A crowd begins to gather and observe the impromptu orgy that is happening right out in public. They laugh at her and call Molly a doxy and tell that she should be ashamed of herself. But once a cutie like Molly gets a taste of penis, this babe can’t stop until she gets all of her slut holes crammed and abased. The crowd drags her to a local bar where they can all have a fun dissecting her without prying eyes invading their sex show. Molly’s clothes get torn off and this woman gets tossed around like a helpless balloon bound to tree that gets repeatedly tattered by a relentless and furious wind. This sweetheart gags on cock as her natural zeppelins get caned. She bounces her tiny twat on a stiff weenie while her feet and armpits gets shocked by an electric zapper. She winces in pain as a giant knob crams into her butt while a room full of strangers grope and fondle her ivory white skin. She howls and begs for mercy as the non stop multiple unwanted orgasms flow endlessly from one to the next. Molly becomes so entranced in the moment that this hottie barely notices when two studs blow massive loads of cum all over her mouth. She’s a filthy mess so her mistress drags her into a bathroom so this woman can clean her off by urinating all over her face and body. All the while the crowd just calls her an ungrateful bitch. asdasdVisit Public Disgrace to get more