Mommy’s Little Fucktoy

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January 2, 2020Tags: Anal, Ass, BBW, Bondage, FemDom, Latex, Sex toys, Stockings

Totally naked and suspended with black rope and leather wrist cuffs, Rick Fantana waits at the mercy of his Mistress Kara’s hand. Kara, looking very dominant in her fishnet nylons, short black skirt, and long black latex gloves, takes her time to torture her submissive. This chick explains to him that she is owns him. This hottie punches his chest and squeezes his weenie and balls. Kara makes him taste his own pre-cum through his ball-gag. This woman puts him in a headlock and squeezes his neck. Mistress Kara attaches a tens unit to Rick’s thighs and turns up the voltage. Rick moans through the ball-gag from getting electrified. Kara places a Sybian machine underneath Rick’s ass and lowers him onto it as this guy gets zapped from the tens unit. His butthole gets lowered onto the dildo attachment on the Sybian and once its deep in his ass, Kara turns the power on. She makes him fuck it as this woman hits him with a riding crop while laughing and humiliating him. Next, Mistress Kara uses black rope to strap Rick to a device that keeps him secured in a doggie-style position. Kara holds a flogger in each hand and whips Rick’s butt until it turns pink. Kara wears her strap-on with a massive dildo dangling from it, ready for Rick’s booty. After she finishes flogging him, Kara makes Rick suck her dildo to get it admirable and oozy for his chocolate hole. This babe shoves her chubby vibrator deep into his booty and copulates it. Next, Rick is on his back with his legs spread with a dildo gag in his mouth. Kara shoves five big metal anal beads up his butt. This chick teases his rod then sits on his face and fucks the dildo-gag. She smother’s his face with her booty and vagina while this sweetheart bonks the dildo-gag. This sweetheart uses an Hitachi vibrator pressed on her clit and cums hard while Rick starves for air below her. As a reward for worthwhile behavior. Kara rips out the anal beads and fingers his rectal hole while this woman masturbates his ramrod, sending his cum flying into his own face as this stud cums. asdasdVisit Divine Bitches to get more