FuckingMachines week continued with Casey Calvert & Kristina Rose

It turned out that we fucked these girls to the point of oblivion not once, but twice. It’s almost as if we discovered oblivion, then knocked on the door next to it, and continued on around the bend a little bit further. There isn’t another two-girl team on the planet that can cum like Kristina Rose and Casey Calvert can. It’s their secret weapon, so to speak. They have not yet proven their humanity to us. Orgasms that were longer, screamier, and more orgasm-y than ever came out of these two, and we just held on to the machine like a beginner water skier the whole time. The Squirter machines, the Fucksalls, The Sybian, The Tongue Machine, Doc Thumper, and MORE – yes, MORE – are all available for purchase. This is a shoot for the Hall of FuckingMachines, so no questions please.