Rocky Emerson fucked in suspension for first time

Hello again, and welcome to Brutal Sessions! In preparation for today’s important shoot, we’ve descended into the dungeon. Though Rocky Emerson, a tattooed babe, is no stranger to bondage, today is the first time she has ever been fucked while suspended in bondage, and to say she is excited would be an understatement. As her master enters the dungeon, the day begins with her on her knees, restrained by a chest harness. In contrast to the typical tyrant, Quinton James is a sensual Dom who will give his slut a titillating domination session unlike anything she has ever had before. He slows down and caresses every part of her body, looking for that one sensitive spot that will send her over the edge. Once he’s finished fucking her face, he stands her up and starts fucking her from behind. When Rocky is presented with the magic wand, he immediately begins to orgasm profusely. She’s at the peak of ecstasy, but she has to contain it until she’s given the green light to cum. Next After a quick adjustment, Rocky is hanging from her side with complete access to her slits. Taking full advantage of the situation, Quinton fucks her pussy and mouth mercilessly before letting her have more orgasms. In the final image, Rocky is lying on her back, her arms bound to her legs. She uses her feet to tickle her master’s groin. After he stuffs Rocky, he forces her to have more orgasms. He thumps his pet hard and then cums all over her face and nose.
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